Love your life. Take pictures of everything.
Tell people you love them.
Do things that you’re scared to do.
Fuck it, because everyone dies and no one remembers a thing you did.
Take your life and make it the best story in the world.


Tell me somethin’ girl
Are you happy in this modern world?
Or do you need more?
Is there somethin’ else you’re searchin’ for?
I’m falling
In all the good times I find myself longin’ for change
And in the bad times I fear myself


(Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga)


This mind can never be at ease.
I hanker to go forth and plummet
Down the limitless stellar seas,
Distant from the soul-crushing threat.

The thought of leaving overthrew the thought of staying.
The thought of perishing overthrew the thought of existing.

Crossing fingers for the last time.


The absence of doing bad, is not doing good.
The desire to be considered a good person,
Is not the essence of the kind or compassionate.
To be good is to love openly and deeply.
To be breakable as glass,
While in fact being a diamond
Shining as a beacon for those lost at sea.
It is to believe in hope and have the strength to push for better,
In yourself and others.
It is faith in light and struggle for what is right,
Even if it gives but a second of relief.

Dim ReverieπŸ’«

I think about it all the time,

I think about it when you make me laugh or when I realiseΒ 

That you’ve been on my mind all day

and that’s why I’ve been so happy

I can’t cease the thoughts spiralling in my head,

Maybe if we hadn’t been slowly intertwining our lives,

It wouldn’t be so terrifying.

The fragile bridges we built amidst our lives,

Could come crashing down on us at any random moment

and I really don’t know whats right or wrong.

I can’t stop thinking about what would happen if all of it crumbles,

What would happen if the negatives possess it all..?

I really don’t want to find out.πŸ’’

No matter what I’m going through right now,

I believe that this is not a perpetual state,

It may seem hard to get to the light at the end of the tunnel,

But the languid travail will get me there for sure…❀

Heavy Heart Bleeds.πŸ’œ

Tempered by thoughts and feelings,
life collected in boxes
these images of the past,
like photographs and memories
gifting us with recognition of yesterday
and the moments faded for years
resurfacing duly
and knowing it is us.
We are changing as the years pass us
yet we move along in conjunction
just not realizing at the time
till we look back and see the differences,
glances in mirrors at our road mapped weathered lines
on faces and hands that reach out
to stop it if only for just one moment,
to embrace this very second,
hold it in an embosom
before it slips away.
it is here in a split second
and gone on days that should be
filled with a quiet contemplation,
but perhaps this is the actual sum of parts,
to hold gently and feel the heartbeat,
share the irrevocable moments in tenderness and love
as the tick tock slows to ceasing,
a breath lingers and is truant
and I feel the sense of the soul
rising into a better place.